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About Us





Fabbri Creations is a family-owned and operated company offering beautiful decorative door hinge straps, door knockers and other wonderful products to give your home an inexpensive face lift. We are proud to bring you an American made,  hand crafted product that is individually painted for a unique look. We strive to be the best in our industry by giving our clients , individualization and personal touch to the products that you deserve.


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Luigi Fabbri

Founder & Designer

With fabulous artistic talent, a natural eye towards business matters and a drive to succeed, founder Luigi Fabbri has over 50 years' in creative designs. Luigi Fabbri was born in Rome. Italy in 1935. The son of the sculptor, Vero Fabbri, Luigi showed his love for the arts at a young age, in his father's studio and under his guidance and expertise, soon started to design and create. Luigi attended the University of Uruguay and majored in architecture, which helped him develop his talents as a designer and sculptor. As an artist Luigi participated in many art exhibitions in Uruguay, Brazil, Holland and the US where he won several prizes. Luigi moved to South Florida 40 years ago where he is very well known for his creativity and beautiful artistic work. Adriana, Renzo and Gabriella, Eva and Luigi's children followed their parents steps with their creativity and determination.




Eva Fabbri

Co Founder


Eva is the driving force behind Fabbri Creations, LLC.      She was born in Uruguay and now has over 40 years of knowledge and experience in the industry. She oversees  every order and makes sure each is of the highest quality.